Principles of Algebra 2 (Curriculum Pack)

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For Ages 15-18

A course that teaches algebra from a biblical perspective! Algebra 2 students will get a glimpse of God’s handiwork as they apply their studies. Most algebra books come across as a whole bunch of meaningless, often hard-to-understand problems. But algebra doesn’t have to be that way at all. This book is full of different “tools” in algebra, seeing how they all really help us explore God’s creation and complete real-life tasks. Students should leave their Algebra 2 lessons each day understanding why they’re learning what they’re learning, equipped to really apply math, and awed at the Creator.

Algebra 2 lessons can be completed in 60-90 minutes. The recommended schedule suggests 5 days per week.

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Principles of Algebra 2


Most algebra books come across as a whole bunch of meaningless, often hard-to-understand problems. But algebra doesn’t have to be that way! This curriculum shows students how the various concepts in algebra help us explore God’s creation and complete real-life tasks. Students should leave their math lessons for the day understanding why they’re learning what they’re learning and in awe of the Creator.


  • Biblical Worldview: Discover how the very existence of math proclaims the faithfulness of God . . . and experience the joy of using math to explore God’s creation.
  • Connection to Real Life: Learn how algebraic concepts actually apply and get ready to apply them yourself.
  • Full Color Design with Easy-to-Understand Graphics: Get ready for an algebra program that is filled with colorful pictures and charts that aid in understanding the material.
  • Recommended for: Grades 10-12 / 1 Year / 1 Credit

This program consists of:

  • Full-color Textbook (this book) that presents concepts in an engaging way to students, incorporating science and other real-life examples. Throughout the material, students are also pointed back to God and taught math concepts from a biblical worldview.
  • Teacher Guide with worksheets, quizzes, and tests that not only help students learn the concepts, but also show them algebra in action and help them learn critical thinking skills.
  • Solutions Manual that not only gives the solutions to all the worksheet, quiz, and test problems, but also includes numerous explanatory notes.
  • Optional Video Supplement that walks students through the concepts step-by-step is available on the Master Books Academy site.

Designed with homeschool students in mind, but useable in group settings too.

This program was written so that students could be mainly self taught, with an e-course available for those who need more instruction. The Solutions Manual walks through how answers were obtained and is filled with explanatory notes.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Setting the Foundation
  • 2. Exploring Exponents
  • 3. Numbers and Sets
  • 4. Solving for Unknowns and Problem-Solving Skills
  • 5. Solving More In-Depth Problems
  • 6. Unleashing Algebra: Solving Systems of Equations
  • 7. Introducing Functions and Function Notation
  • 8. Introduction to Polynomial Functions
  • 9. Quadratic Functions
  • 10. More with Polynomials
  • 11. Rational Functions
  • 12. Exponential Functions
  • 13. Logarithms
  • 14. Transforming Functions - Plus More with Functions
  • 15. Functions and Formulas That Help Us Count, Find Probabilities, and Generate Sequences
  • 16. Review
  • Appendix A: Math's Message
  • Appendix B: Reference Section
  • Index


Each and every topic is presented in such a way so as to constantly remind us of Who God is and how He truly matters in our lives....The dialogue is written in conversational English, not highbrow “mathematicianese,” so it is easy to understand....The examples are generally not just random math problems. Most are carefully chosen to clearly illustrate the principle and to reveal evidence of our Creator.....I highly recommend this textbook for math students AND for teachers in generals as a reference book for learning how they can be more effective at incorporating a Christ-centered focus into all of their subjects.

Jay Auxt, Retired Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics and Creation Science at Antietam Bible College

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Title Principles of Algebra 2 (Curriculum Pack)
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ISBN 13 9781683442332
Contributors Katherine Loop Hannon
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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