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This nightmare has become a reality as more young people than ever before are “backsliding.” George Barna contends that over 60 percent of Christian kids who attend youth group run off to university and cast their faith aside. Some pollsters believe the number is as high as 80 percent.

Imagine ten teenagers from your church youth group are lined up against a wall. Once those kids become adults, eight of them are likely to never darken the doorstep of a church again. Eighty percent! But there is great news! Your child doesn’t have to be a statistic. Your child can become an adult who loves the Lord the same way you do. While you cannot save your child, you can avoid the pitfalls that become the excuses that kids use to apostatize.

  • Todd Friel has witnessed to hundreds of university students, most of whom have “lost the faith”
  • Shares what Todd has learned from those Bible-belt backsliders
  • Learn from the mistakes of countless parents who are presently crying themselves to sleep, hoping their prodigal will come home.
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