Revealing Arithmetic


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For parents to use alongside any Pre-K and up math curriculum

Rather than being a secular subject, math is an amazing opportunity to learn about God! Math testifies to God’s consistency and faithfulness. Now you can teach your child to see beyond just manipulating numbers on a page to understanding how God is part of the process. Revealing Arithmetic is a resource to help you present math as a testimony to the Creator.

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Revealing Arithmetic

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Title Revealing Arithmetic
Subtitle Math Concepts from a Biblical Worldview
ISBN 13 9781683442530
Contributors Katherine Loop Hannon
Binding Paperback
Page Count 233
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

For years, Christian math books have looked basically like secular textbooks, with the addition of a Bible verse here or there. Here, at last, is a book to help you transform your math class and show your child God’s handiwork in math!

This manual, which is used by colleges, schools, homeschools, and co-ops alike, will help you modify and “fill in the gaps” in your homeschool math curriculum. Revealing Arithmetic will help you:

  • Teach math from a biblical worldview.
  • Worship the Lord in math.
  • Help your child really understand concepts.
  • Train your child to think mathematically.
  • Transform everyday activities and objects into math lessons.
  • Teach your child to use math as a real-life tool.
  • Explore historical methods and symbols.

How to Use Revelaing Arithmetic

The book is divided into chapters by concept. Use as a resource with your math curriculum to teach the foundational math concepts of counting, place value, addition, subtracting, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, precents, ratios and exponents.

  1. The first part of each chapter presents the “big picture” of the concept, explains why these principles work and what they reveal about God.
  2. Then, the second part—Teaching Suggestions & Ideas—provides key points to convey, along with examples. The chapters end with an Ideas section providing various ways to reinforce and apply concepts in different real-life situations—including making an abacus, determining animal feed amounts, getting grocery items, planning a trip with estimating, and more.

You can skip around as needed to match what your curriculum is teaching. If you’re covering place value right now with your child, skip to the Place Value chapter and use the background and ideas there to help you teach place value.

Older students can use from beginning to end as a review. The first part of each chapter that explains the concepts from a biblical worldview are going to be what they need to read; you might also have them work some of the problems marked with a big “H" (The H symbol identifies possible older student activities).

Who is Revelaing Arithmetic For?

This book is designed for homeschool parents needing a simple math guide to use alongside their curriculum and help them teach arithmetic to elementary students, older students needing a review of math basics before moving on to advanced mathematics, or Christian school or co-op teachers (or future teachers) wanting ideas on how to modify the curriculum to better reveal the truth of a Creator God.

Now Revealing Arithmetic is even easier with video instruction. These videos offer guided instruction to help you teach counting, place value, multiplication, division, fractions and more. You can even watch the first chapter for free. Learn more at

Good resource!
Review by Kristy
This book has a lot of good recommendations for teaching math concepts. For me, it helped with understand the principle of Mathematics series.
Math can be a biblical subject
Review by Rebecca
This wonderful book takes what most consider the neutral subject of math and shows how to teach math from a biblical perspective. This is not simply assigning a biblical reference to a math worksheet. This book explains how math can show the wonder of God through the fact that it works consistently and wonderfully. This book requires the parent to read for understanding prior to teaching the child the concept. It is not an instruction book or curriculum for actually teaching math. However, when read by the parent, it can be used to weave the wonders of our creator into any math curriculum used. I wish I had this book at the beginning of our homeschool journey.
Parent Resource
Review by Lexie
Revealing arithmetic is a good resource to add to a parent's reading list. The author lays out fully understanding teaching math, mostly in the elementary years, from a Biblical perspective. This book would be incredibly useful to a parent of a child who was previously public schooled or from a parent who was public schooled. I feel like I would have greatly benefitted from this book had a read it 10 years when I began my homeschooling journey. You will need to delegate time to read this as it's not just a pick up and read for 5 minutes and understand this book. Devote some time and dig into it and you will learn different ways to solve problems. There are so many methods taught in this book to teach the same concept so parents with different learning styles among their children would love it.
Unique resource
Review by Audrey525
As a parent of a child who struggles with math, this is truly a valuable, game-changing tool. I have used many curriculums and methods to try and help my son understand mathematical concepts and I can only say I wish I’d had this book years ago! It fills in the gaps of curriculum that may not quite fit learning styles. It gives many suggestions and goes into the biblical basis for math as well. I find it encouraging to help a student that dislikes math see the order in Creation. I will be referencing this book and am very happy to have such a unique book for math.
A must for every Christian homeschool family!
Review by Sara
This book blew me away! I am first of all NOT a math person- but I think it is because I was never taught it properly with the whys and hows. Math is commonly thought of as a “neutral subject” but this book made it SO clear that it is not. I had never thought of it this way, and it was really exciting to read through this book and find biblical explanations to something as easy as counting, then going all the way to ratios and proportions. There is a section that explains how to use the book, and then it is broken down by math concepts where a biblical worldview is presented for the topic connecting the idea to how this connects to our Maker.There is then a teaching suggestions and ideas section and a conclusion. This is a book you would use alongside your current math curriculum so that you are able to teach the concept in a biblically sound way- helping your child connect the dots between God and math. I am so excited to use this book with my whole family! I plan to buy this as gifts as well for fellow homeschool families!
Great resource that will help you answer the question "Why are we learning this?"
Review by Kathleen
This book will help you to teach elementary math concepts from a biblical worldview. It is meant to be used as a resource alongside any math curriculum. For Pre-K though 6th grade students you can simply pick the topic that you are currently working on and then cover that chapter in this book. For older students who are in need of basic math review, you can go cover to cover. Each chapter explains how that concept in math is related to the Bible with sample problems included. Also in each chapter are a list of teaching suggestions and ideas that will help you to accurately teach that concept to your student. The back of the book contains some worksheets with solutions. There is also an extensive Appendix with many valuable resources that will help you and your student to better understand math from a biblical worldview.
I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to understand how math is not outside of God's world, it is dependent on Him.

Understand Math from a Biblical Worldview
Review by Becky V.
This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to understand that God is the creator of all - even math! It was actually quite fascinating to see how you can teach math with a biblical basis. The only reason why math actually works is because our God is the creator of it. He is consistent, never-changing. And that is why math works.

From counting to addition and subtraction all the way to multiplication and division and fractions and everything in between, Katherine Loop Hannon shows how math shows the evidence of God’s hand in it.

Written in a very conversational way, I love reading this book with my young children as we begin to learn a new concept. We love to see how the connection of the new concept is made to the Bible, as well as playing around with the activities that are provided in the teaching suggestions and ideas section.

Definitely a great book to read on your own to see how math is connected to a biblical worldview as well as a great one to go through with kids of all ages.
Math from a Biblical View!
Review by Krista
This book is a wonderful resource to have, especially in your homeschool! Providing parents with a biblical view of mathematics, as well as worksheets, and explanations about different math concepts.
Great Math Supplement
Review by Crystal
Revealing Arithmetic was a surprisingly great read! I found the content to be engaging and broken up well into a mix of explaining the concept, connecting it to scripture, and showing you real life application.

I really enjoyed how it went through every principle of elementary arithmetic. It is a valuable tool whether your child is just beginning school, or needs a refresher later in their school years. I will definitely continue to reference this book in the future as we learn new concepts.

Math is not my strong point, but this book has equipped me to feel more confident in teaching my kids math. In addition, I have a greater appreciation for math as a way to see God’s greatness. I think this is a great supplement for all parents, and a good read to help older kids see both math and God in new ways.
Encouraging Biblical View of Math
Review by Michele
Revealing Arithmetic is a great resource to help you as you teach the basic elementary (Pre-K to 6th) principles of math with a biblical view. I love math, but not everyone does, and this book gives a beautiful view of how we see God moving even through math with how consistent He is with numbers and math properties. In this book, you will look at different concepts and how to explain them with real world examples and activities, like, counting, place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions, factoring, and so much more. Currently, we have been learning multiplication/division and we enjoyed doing the Napier’s Rods activity to help explain the multiplication chart. The Parting Notes in each section are very encouraging with reminders to look for God through these teachable moments; and many have Bible verses. If you struggle with teaching your child math concepts or just need a refresher and/or something to encourage you through your teaching journey, this book is for you.

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