Road Trip to Truth (Teacher Guide - Download)

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Complete course where students are equipped to face some of the toughest challenges to their Christian faith today. Takes on postmodern confusion and teaches how to effectively confront cultural questions with God’s Word. 1/2 credit/18 weeks.

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Road Trip to Truth: Academy Course Preview


The world is increasingly complicated, isn’t it? Issues of faith and truth bombard us daily.

What do you believe?

Why do you believe that?

How does this faith impact the decisions or actions of your daily life?

If you cannot answer these questions, it is difficult to be able to share your faith with someone else or even successfully navigate the challenges and pitfalls life will inevitably throw at each of us.

Now take a fascinating and in-depth trip to not only understanding important concepts like what truth really is, but also an encounter within yourself and your faith. As you move through the course, you will discover answers to the important questions of life, and with this understanding, you will be able to grow deeper in your relationship with God and strengthen your ability to share this faith with others.

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Title Road Trip to Truth (Teacher Guide - Download)
Contributors Todd Friel
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Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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