Secrets of a Fulfilled Woman (Download)

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According to the plan, the marriage was supposed to be elegant. The Children, accomplished. The woman behind it all...complete and delighted, with a fragrant life.

But then a pregnancy went horribly wrong. A business failed. "Things happened," here and there, a little at a time. Ten years in, life was adequate, but not the way the original vision promised. 

Familiar with this scenario?

The ladies brought together for Secrets of a Fulfilled Woman know how the script can be written. They don't rely on talk-show queens, magazine secrets, or marriage-encounter fads. Instead, women like Barbara Peretti and Rexella Van Impe long ago began to rely on Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of their faith. It is for that reason the fulfilled life of a woman is attainable. These high-profile women will make you feel hopeful, like you were sitting down over a cup of coffee to discuss how your life can stay on track. Their stories are true and inspiring and able to show how careers, personal lives, spirituality...all of it...are attainable goals.