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For Ages 4-6

Give your child a great educational foundation with Simply K, Master Books’ Christian homeschool curriculum for kindergarten. This full-color, open and go course uses a brilliant developmental approach to help you instill a love of learning as you teach. Using a unique method of modeling, you will guide your student in learning through play and interaction.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 2.90
Title Simply K
Subtitle A Developmental Approach to Kindergarten
ISBN 13 9781683441717
Contributors Carrie Bailey
Binding Paperback
Page Count 436
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Set the stage for a wonderful life of learning with Simply K, Master Books’ Christian homeschool curriculum for kindergarten students. This fun, full-color course helps to create a beautiful bond between the student and teacher using a unique method of modeling.

Scheduled as a 3 day a week course, Simply K lessons focus on the following areas:

  • Bible: Biblical stories, character teachings, and memory verses with motions
  • Rhyme Time: Fun poetry, vocabulary words, and letter recognition
  • Life Skills: Weather, emotions, safety/emergencies, hygiene, and more
  • ABC's and More: The Alphabet, learning to write letters, and basic reading

This learning adventure assesses and addresses your student’s developmental needs and prepares them for first grade level learning.

With vibrant, full-color pages, the workbook offers both teaching text and student activities. Each lesson begins with a supply list, course objectives, a memory verse, and extended activities suggestions. Simply K also includes: 26 Alphabet Mini-books; Reference Charts: ABC’s, Letter Tracing, Emotions, Weather; Alphabet Cards; Book Suggestions; and a Kindergarten Diploma.

A schedule highlighting the instruction and a master supply list are also included. The prep page at the beginning of each week provides the lesson’s focus at a glance.

Now Simply K is even easier with video instruction. Supplemental videos for the teacher and student are available as additional resources at

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Great & gentle approach to kindergarten!
Review by Ksnell
Loved this for my son! He really enjoyed the material and learned so much!
Overall Great
Review by Lindsay
So we tend to do two grades a year right now with my middle son. This was a great start for him, Simply K provides lots of activities, which he loves and it was a good start before he started reading.
Perfect intro to alphabet/phonics
Review by Jess
Our 4 year old daughter has been learning so much from this book! I enjoy how this book also incorporates a weekly Bible lesson/verse, weekly poem or song, safety skills, and life skills in addition to learning their letters and sounds they make.
Used with two of my kiddos
Review by Ashley
My kids have enjoyed this curriculum. It’s challenging at an age appropriate level yet not overwhelming. My current K level child loves the poems and Bible readings.
Not for my boy
Review by Tailored Homeschool
I love Master Books, I recommend it to everyone. Unfortunately simply k isn't for my boy, but would be great for daughter.
It’s ok
Review by Eileen
I used this over a 1.5 year time frame with my son. He has some speech delay, so starting to the learn the beginning sounds etc has been helpful for that. Didn’t really care for the nursery rhymes, felt like those were time/space fillers. Really liked the letter tracing! Somehow my book didn’t have all the alphabet cards either.
Review by Ashley
We used this with my son who is on spectrum and had some learning delays. I had no issues getting through the lessons with him! He was engaged and loved the Bible verses with the matching body motions. The mini letter books were great for learning letter sounds and I liked that it had just enough handwriting practice without being overwhelming. There were lots of fun little crafts/coloring pages mixed in which he also enjoyed. In our state we have to teach health in kindergarten and show evidence of that in our portfolios, so I love that the simply K had health topics mixed in. My son loved the food lessons where you have to glue the healthy food groups onto a plate and glue the correct foods into the refrigerator/pantry. This book also covered safety topics, how to tie your shoes, etc. I highly recommend this for a child with delays it’s the perfect amount of work!
I like the idea behind it
Review by Kristin
I bought this to use with my son for kindergarten. When I flipped through it, I really liked the content, but the lessons feel longer to me than the lessons for level 1 and 2 in the language arts programs. All in all it was too much for him and we opted to try something different and we'll move into level one next year. I may try for my youngest kiddo and just pick and choose what I use because I also can't see him sitting for long enough to finish an entire lesson either.
Pros and cons
Review by Jessie
I felt some pros and cons with this book. On one hand my 5 year old really enjoyed it and I loved most of the Bible content he learned- like the full armor of God, 10 commandments, and 1st Corinthians 13. I loved how he got to learn so many Bible verses but I felt 1 for each week was trying to cram too many in for the year. If I had to do over i would've cut the number of verses into at least half so that he could really learn them on a deeper level instead of being able to spit out so many verses that he can't retain after the year. He enjoyed the nursery rhymes. I felt like the life skills portion was common sense stuff that just naturally happens between a parent and child, with no real advice or lessons on how to do those things or more complicated things. He was more advanced than the alphabet portion and we got a different phonics book because he was ready for that. He liked the mini books.
Not very thorough
Review by Katie
Feels like it is trying to incorporate a preschool/daycare kind of feel. It has a lot of the nursery rhymes and kids songs they would learn there. Has *some* letter recognition and letter posters at the back. Not much letter reinforcement or focus at all! I felt I had to supplement a lot for letter work!
Really the only thing I loved was that it had biblical principles, that's it.
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