American Literature (Student Book - Scratch & Dent)

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Delve into the lives and works that reflect and help shape the nature of America. From Native American legends to Puritan poets to revolutionaries and philosophers, meet the poets and playwrights — historic and modern — whose creative voices still echo in popular culture! With this rich curriculum, your student will learn all about the classic books and writers that make up the American literary canon and their contexts but do so from a strong biblical worldview.

Your child’s critical thinking abilities, communication skills, and knowledge of literary classics will be amply developed in this comprehensive look at American literature. This course also stresses biblical application and equips students to think critically about philosophy and trends in culture. By the time students finish this course, their studies of literature — and their frequent practice writing about literature— will greatly enhance their own personal communication skills.

1 Year Curriculum
10th - 12th
1 Credit

This copy of the book is slightly worn