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For Ages 3-4

Use Stepping Stones, Master Book’s award-winning, Christian homeschool curriculum for preschool, to launch your student on a path of educational success. This full-color, workbook style course offers a developmental approach to learning concepts such as colors, letters, nutrition, matching objects, and weather, while also nourishing their faith in God.

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Stepping Stones

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Stepping Stones
Contributors Carrie Bailey
Page Count 328
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Introduce your preschool student to book-based learning with Stepping Stones, Master Books’ award-winning Christian homeschool curriculum. This course offers an effective developmental approach to learning colors, letters, nutrition, matching objects, and weather that is easy to teach.

Lead your young student through memory verses and a variety of hands-on activities with this gentle introduction to learning through play. Stepping Stones focuses on important concepts of faith by featuring biblical heroes and their godly character.

This course is set up with one lesson per day, three days a week. Each lesson focuses on:

  • Making Connections – where you give instructions and interact with your child.
  • Match It Up and Sort It Out – when you model and guide your child to complete the activity.
  • Heroes of the Bible– as you teach your child about a specific hero each week.

Certificates of achievement, story image cards, letter cards, coloring, healthy choices, and more are included to make this course a big homeschool win for your family.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Making Observations
  • 2. Shadow Play
  • 3. Red, Blue, Green
  • 4. Yellow, Orange, Purple
  • 5. Pink, Brown, Black, White
  • 6. Animals
  • 7. All About Me & Scissor Skills
  • 8. Nutrition & Me - Part 1
  • 9. Nutrition & Me - Part 2
  • 10. Concepts About Print - Part 1
  • 11. Concepts About Print - Part 2
  • 12. Review Colors & Animals
  • 13. Introducing Letters
  • 14. Where Does Your Food Come From?
  • 15. Textures
  • 16. 1,2,3 & First Letter of Your Name
  • 17. Basic Shapes
  • 18. Observing Weather
  • 19. Review Shadows & Nutrition
  • 20. Following Directions
  • 21. Noticing Differences
  • 22. Review 1,2,3 & First Letter of Your Name
  • 23. Physical Activity - Part 1
  • 24. Physical Activity - Part 2
  • 25. Letters
  • 26. Review Differences & Colors
  • 27. Story Comprehensive
  • 28. Opposites & Following Directions
  • 29. Basic Emotions
  • 30. Prewriting Basics
  • 31. Big, Little
  • 32. Review Shapes, Animals, & Letters
  • 33. Review Physical Activity & Textures
  • 34. Review Weather & Opposites
  • 35. Review Food Sources & Differences
  • 36. Review Emotions, Following Directions, & Comprehension
  • Supply List
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Cutting Activities
  • Answer Key
Love the Bible Heroes
Review by Cherry
My 5year old already knows most of the concepts in this book but I still opted to get her this book because of the Bible teachings. We love the Bible Heroes. Short but impactful and leads to my kid asking a lot of questions and having a rich discussion with her.
Great introduction to school
Review by Laura
This is a fantastic introduction to school for a young child. The lessons are short & there is just a little table work – perfect for young learners. I have several other preschool curriculums that I love but they are too hard for me to implement since I have 4 young kids. This is a great fit for our family.
Great for preschoolers
Review by Amy
This is great for a 3-4 year old that wants to do school. They will have fun learning colors, shapes and other things. Love how the bible is taught in everything.
Simple and Gentle Preschool
Review by Dawn
This program is set up in a simple, easy to use format. I loved that it did not attempt full school days but instead was three short sessions per week for 36 weeks. I also really liked the Biblical heroes focus and how they incorporated God's word throughout the curriculum.
*I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review.*
Great Beginner Book for Preschool
Review by Mom of 6
I have 3 older children who are currently homeschooling (K, 2nd, and 4th grades). My preschool-age son is always asking to "do school" with his siblings, so I decided this would be a good starter curriculum for him. He LOVES it! He just recently turned 4 years old and I'd say that you could easily start this with an advanced 2-year old or a 3-year-old. The curriculum was fairly easy for him at this point, however, it has been great to build his confidence and excitement for school work.

It goes over preschool basics like colors, shapes, matching, shadows, etc., while also incorporating Bible stories and verses. The pictures are colorful and inviting. My son has had so much fun with this, he is always begging to do more and more pages each day.

I'm really pleased with this curriculum and will definitely be using it with his younger brother in a few years.
Perfect for littler learners!
Review by Laurel
I was blessed to be able to check this product out and I am pleased to say that it is exactly what I would want for an early Preschool curriculum. I would say this is appropriate for precocious 3 year olds or most 4 year olds. It might be a little basic for some 4's, but it's a very gentle approach, and one of my kiddos would have thrived with it at that age. As it is, my 3 year old is going to love being "part of school" while using this not-super-structured but intentional approach to engaging littles. Covering things like colors, names, shapes, animals, print exposure and more, it is a very gentle and easy approach. I think it will be perfect for helping my youngest be "doing school" while big brother and sister are studying.
Gentle for little ones
Review by Love2BeMom
Do you have a little one at home who wants to do “schoolwork” like big brother/sister? Do you slowly but gently want to introduce more formal learning to your little one? Are you looking for a course that is play-based with hands-on activities? Do you want something that is open and go with little or no prep needed to complete lessons? This course is your answer!
Stepping Stones has 3 lessons per week for 36 weeks. It focuses on the following milestones: colors and sorting, cutting and making healthy food choices, shapes and first letter of students name, follow directions and hop on one foot, opposites and emotions.
I love how God’s Word and truth is in every lesson! I highly recommend this!
The Perfect Introduction to "School"
Review by Tiffany
I am using Stepping Stones with my 3 1/5 year old daughter. She LOVES it!! Stepping Stones is is the perfect introduction to her schooling! We have began working on colors, shapes, and life skills all surrounded by the bible <3!!
Review by Lea
My Preschool Grands were Delighted to Learn.
- Great Content Here, Plenty to Explore in 328 pages of Stepping Stones.
- They can learn and have fun doing So, Keeps them Engaged in Building an Educational Start for Future Learning.
- Well Done.
Engaging, gentle,and wonderful
Review by Yulia
I use stepping stones with my 3.5 yo, and she absolutely loves it. It is a gentle approach as other masterbooks' curriculum. My daughter retains information and is able to pay attention. The lessons are short, engaging and to the point. She gets so excited even about memorizing verses which was not the same with her older brother. I caught her repeating a verse during her down time (it melted my heart).

I was hesitating to do any workbook with her so early, but I've noticed her hunger to learn when her big brother is homeschooling :), so I've decided to try something formal with her. She runs to do "her school", and school is a positive experience for her. She is even willing to sacrifice cartoons to do school with me. I am sure it is a rare for kids especially her age lol.

I am grateful to the author for yet another great curriculum. I would say it is perfect for the age range: not overwhelming, developmentally appropriate, fun and teaches them Bible as well in small enough bits so they can retain the information. I also think it helps parents to have this special positive time with their preschoolers which is great for both parties :)

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