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One of the first stories in the Bible is about anxiety. God asked Cain, “Why has your countenance fallen” (Genesis 4:6)? In other words, Cain was depressed. He may have been the first human to suffer from anxiety, but he most certainly is not the last. EVERYONE, without exception, wrestles with anxiety or depression. So many people have sought relief in all the wrong places when the Bible offers clear, reliable, and effective means for not just ending anxiety, but having a peace that surpasses all understanding. There is great hope, anxiety sufferer. How caring is our God? Here is a book to let you know… with no platitudes and no patronizing.

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A Look Inside

Stressed Out (405.52 kB)
Manufacturer New Leaf Press
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Title Stressed Out
Subtitle A Practical, Biblical Approach to Anxiety
ISBN 13 9780892217434
Contributors Todd Friel
Binding Paperback
Page Count 224
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 6 x 9

You are definitely not the only person on the planet to wrestle with anxious feelings. Billions upon billions of people battle garden-variety stress and anxiety every day. Everyone, to varying degrees, worries.

Jesus Christ is a sympathetic high priest who understands us, and He knows we are prone to worry. He is so thoughtful and kind that His last sermon to the disciples (and us) was dedicated to the subject of anxiety.

Prepare to discover 12 anxiety relievers from Jesus Christ that will get to the root of your anxiety problem and give you the tools you need to replace your anxious thoughts with profound, settled, hopeful joy. Stressed Out: A Practical, Biblical Approach to Anxiety isn’t like most Christian self-help books that promise to fix your “stinkin’ thinkin.’ ”

  • You will not be regaled with stories of fellow nail-biters who struggle with anxiety.
  • You will not be told to imagine puppy dogs and rainbows when you start feeling nervous.
  • You will not be encouraged to simply exchange negative thoughts for positive thoughts.

God’s Word will not only fix your anxiety, it will literally change you into the person that God created you to be.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Understanding Anxiety
    • 1. Your Issue
    • 2. Your Thinking
    • 3. Your Anxiety
    • 4. Your God
  • Section 2: 12 Anxiety Relievers
    • 5. Anxiety Reliever #1: You have a diagnosis
    • 6. Anxiety Reliever #2: You have a future
    • 7. Anxiety Reliever #3: You know God
    • 8. Anxiety Reliever #4: You can hear from God
    • 9. Anxiety Reliever #5: You have a Comforter
    • 10. Anxiety Reliever #6: You are going to get a new body
    • 11. Anxiety Reliever #7: You have a real peace
    • 12. Anxiety Reliever #8: You have an avenger
    • 13. Anxiety Reliever #9: You you have a father who lovingly disciplines you
    • 14. Anxiety Reliever #10: You you have a pre-arranged plan
    • 15. Anxiety Reliever #11: You can talk to God
    • 16. Anxiety Reliever #12: Your God loves you
  • Section 3: Application
    • 17. Your Goal
    • 18. Your Plan


Todd Friel is a wealth of wonderful wisdom; an oasis of biblical truth in a desert of shallow theology. Stressed Out is drawn from a well that will refresh your soul.

Ray Comfort, CEO/Founder,

Todd Friel has done the Church a great service. Pastors, counselors, and church leaders will receive a great deal of help from this practical guide on some of the most debilitating issues in a believer’s life. As our times become increasingly troubling and stressful, Stressed Out is a perfect antidote.

Pastor Emilio Ramos, Heritage Grace Community Church

When Christians experience anxiety, we should acknowledge that we are not trusting in God and the teachings of His Word in the way that we should. When it happens, we should remember that God has the wisdom and power to overcome anxious thoughts, which in reality are an effect of the Fall (Genesis 3), and we can have victory in Him. Todd’s new book offers hope as it helps you discover how to become conformed to the image of God’s Son, including how your thinking can be transformed through the power of God’s Word — starting with its very first verse.

Ken Ham, President/CEO, Answers in Genesis

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