Teach Them Diligently (Download)

Teach Them Diligently (Download)


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How many generations does it take to lose the culture?

According to the Bible — it only takes one.

In her first book, author Leslie Nunnery shines a much-needed light on the struggle many parents are having to pass on a godly legacy to their children. She gets right to a fundamental weakness of Christian parenting in this post-modern era: we have forgotten the importance and the privilege of parenting children today. Nunnery offers highlights from the cautionary tale of the Israelites' poor parenting to illuminate what is happening today in many Christian homes: though God has given us the tools to teach our children, we often fail to use them.

— Heidi St. John

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Title Teach Them Diligently (Download)
Subtitle Raising Children of Promise
Contributors Leslie Nunnery
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

It’s easy to say we trust Christ for everything, but are we living that truth? We’ve been given clear instruction in a powerful promise for parents. God tells us in Deuteronomy to “teach our children diligently.” This passage and many others give us great insight as to how to do that and enjoy the promised blessing that always accompanies the mandates we are given.

  • Learn the practical view of discipleship parenting, what God expects from parents, and how to put these truths into action
  • See how parenting with the vision of teaching them diligently will intentionally bear fruit and affect change in your own life as well
  • Move beyond giving lip-service to what you believe, and make the conscious choice to rely on the wisdom of God’s holy instruction for your life and parenting.

So, why are we as Christian parents still uncertain? Why do we live in fear? Why are we losing our children in record numbers? What can we do about it?

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • 1. Parenting: God’s Great Mystery?
  • 2. The Privilege of the Position
  • 3. Preparing the Parent
  • 4. Heart Check: The Fear of the Lord
  • 5. Action Time: Keep His Statutes and Commandments
  • 6. Teach Them Diligently: Discipleship-Focused Parenting in Action
  • 7. Train Them Up
  • 8. The Importance of Our Conversations
  • 9. Telling Your Story
  • 10. What Are We Going For? How Do We Get There?
  • 11. Sometimes “Teach Them Diligently” Gets Very Personal
  • 12. How Can We Tell It’s Working?
  • 13. What Does Discipleship-Focused Parenting NOT Look Like?
  • 14. Raising Children of Promise
  • 15. A List of Practical Ideas for Discipleship
  • About the Author


I love Leslie's focus on discipleship-based parenting and her heart to help parents. As parents, we must first be what we want our children to become, and she nails that. If you are looking for a discipleship-based parenting book, you've found a great one.

Kirk Cameron

Leslie Nunnery is the real-deal — she loves the Lord; she enjoys a God-glorifying life with her husband and children, and she finds direction through prayer — leading others from her knees

Ann Dunagan

Grab a cup of coffee, take a deep, relaxing breath, and get ready to be blessed by this inspiring new book.

Israel Wayne

Put Leslie's superb book in your arsenal of parenting weapons as you take up the noble charge of raising the next generation of kingdom-building saints!

Chuck Black

So far so good
Review by Danielle
I haven't read this entire book yet, but so far it is very good. It has a lot of practical help and ideas for training our children in righteousness.
Breath of Fresh Air
Review by Angela
This book was such an enjoyable, convicting read for this tired and worn out momma! It is truly a must have and have recommended it to many people. Thank you master books for another great book! Thank you Leslie for your words of wisdom and encouragement.
good, but not what I expected
Review by Momof3
This book has a lot of good information in it. I usually get books through library loan before owning (to preread) but this one I bought without doing so....due to all they hype on social media about how life changing the book was. I do agree that it is a good book, but I was not as impressed as I anticipated. I ended up reselling my copy.....because I didn't feel it was one I would re-read over and over.
We recommend this be read by all Christian parents!
Review by Cristina
From where I sit, it has just been added as one of my top ten gifts for all the parents we know. I think this lays a beautiful foundation for parents new to the faith and those having their first babies. For the rest of us who’ve been doing this for a bit, it is a fantastic reminder that our job is not yet done.
Encouraging, but I expected more
Review by Theresa
Written in concise, encouraging chapters for the busy parent, Leslie Nunnery uses the illustration of Moses' exhortation to Israel in Deuteronomy 6:1-8 to encourage parents in discipling their children in the ways of God. This passage expresses the transference of faith within everyday events, as parents continuously model and speak about the glory of God within the household, through symbols, actions, holiday observance, and intentional discipleship.

This resource begins slowly--first only hinting at the significance of the passage--then eventually bringing out some practical ways of discipleship (e.g. being vulnerable with your children, making space for two-way conversation, sharing your own stories of God's goodness, and so forth). Many parents will be motivated and refreshed by the call to raise up their children, and encouraged by the practical examples.

However, Nunnery barely touches the surface of this significant passage, which is at the heart of both Judaism and the New Testament. Moses is reminding Israel of God's heart and law, as was received on Mt. Sinai (celebrated as Shavuot--the receiving of Torah). The beginning of Acts opens to a parallel passage as the followers of Jesus gather in Jerusalem for Shavuot (known to Christians as Pentecost), to receive the Holy Spirit. It is the marriage of the Word and Spirit together that allows us to be fully activated in faith, in personal relationship with God, in the ability to love fully, to bear each other's burdens, to forgive, and to walk worthy of our callings in Christ. I think this resource would be even stronger if parents were encouraged in the Scriptural foundation of the Holy Spirit, which is a needed aspect of drawing together as a family (in fact, unity within the Body was one of the primary signs of the nascent church!). If we want to fully disciple our children, both teaching the Word and living in the Spirit are vital, and there are so many stories and practical applications on both sides of this picture that could be expounded upon!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Master Books.
Sharpen your children
Review by melissa
Once I heard that Leslie Nunnery had written a book I was excited! I had attended a "Teach them Diligently" homeschool conference last year. I knew that Nunnery has a lot of golden nuggets and I wanted to glean from her. In her book she wrote, "We teach what we know, but we reproduce who we are...If we teach what we know but reproduce who we are, it is imperative that WHO we are is WHAT we would want to reproduce in our chuldren." That really struck me. I know it is so easy as parents to tell our children, "Do what we say, not what we do" but our children learn from watching us. They learn about God and the christian walk by watching us! The chapters on this book focus on that. Nunnery also wrote, "Sharpen your children like you would sharpen your weapons for war, hunting, and protecting". The enemy is out there to kill, steal, and destroy. We need to be diligent in raising up our children and trianing them in God's word.
At the end of each chapter there are questions that challenge you and help you walk out each chapters focus. Very helpful!
Practical and Challenging
Review by Tiffani
Leslie Nunnery’s book is filled with practical steps to diligently teach our children the things of God. The book is immersed in scriptures that deal with the hearts of parents and ways to reach our children’s hearts. It offers great encouragement written by a mom “who’s been there” and is completely relatable.
Insightful and Inspirational
Review by ASHKC
Leslie Nunnery's book Teach Them Diligently is an authentic and influential book, full of wise counsel and filled with stories and examples from Nunnery's family experiences perfectly aligned with her admirable parenting wisdom and sound biblical insight and truths. The book begins by Nunnery establishing the foundation and theme of the book through the Bible's instruction of Deuteronomy 6:7 and by dissecting the specific Scripture through the chapters and referencing the "teach them diligently" theme throughout the book.

The chapters are short easy reads ending with insightful self-reflection questions and prayers. The beginning of the book left me wanting more information as I felt several topics were introduced in each chapter but were never fully discussed before the reader was prepared for the subsequent chapter. However, by the middle and end of the book, the reader is provided with useful and practical application ideas once again paired with Scripture as a foundation for the ideas.

Overall the book is insightful and encouraging and is a recommended read for ANY parent wanting advice or inspiration on how to be a better intentional and discipleship-focused parent/family.
Very encouraging!
Review by Jill
As a homeschooling mom of small children, this book came at a perfect time for me. It offered encouragement and practical advice to a mom that was weary!

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