The Answers Book for Kids 7 (Scratch & Dent)

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This popular series is now complete with the additions of Volume 7 – Evolution and “Millions of Years,” and Volume 8 – Satan and Angels! Focused on answering questions from children related to the Bible, these books will help create a powerful foundation of faith. The questions touch on concerns like whether or not God is still creating today, the age of the earth, and the nature of angels.

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A Look Inside

Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 0.50
Title The Answers Book for Kids 7
Subtitle 22 Questions from Kids on Evolution & "Millions of Years"
Series Answers for Kids
Volume in Series 7
ISBN 13 9781683440666
Contributors Bodie Hodge, Ken Ham
Binding Hardback
Page Count 48
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 6 x 6

Today it seems that the teaching of evolution is everywhere, even finding its way into the church. This book answers 22 actual questions from kids on evolution and the idea of “millions of years,” helping create a powerful foundation of faith. Kids will discover:

  • Who started the idea of evolution?
  • How old is the earth and the universe?
  • Were the continents ever connected?
  • How did people get the idea that we evolved from fish, frogs, and “apemen”?
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