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What is the Condition of your heart?

Each of the 22 sections of Scripture in Psalm 119 is eight verses long. By spending an hour each day on each section, your heart will undergo a radical transformation. You will search inwardly and discover where you stand in your relationship with God.

We know at creation that the Spirit of God was moving over the earth, and He breathed into the nostrils of the first man. This is the first indication humanity has that the one true God of everything is something more than an impersonal, unreachable entity. God is looking for us, and we are looking for Him.

In The Heart of the King, Ron Auch explores this intense searching that dwells in all of us. With commentary on each of the 176 verses of Psalm 119, which reveal the incredible longing King David had for God, the author explains how to develop intimacy with God. David, despite his very visible failures, maintained a thirst, a hunt, an obsessive quest for the presence of the One who made him.

If you desire this same ultimate companionship, keep reading. Read and meditate on each verse until you're full. Then read some more. The Spirit of God will move over you and you will come to that place where King David was when he said: "I seek you with all my heart."

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