The Heavens: A Different View


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The Heavens is a stunning photo journey of the cosmos designed to guide you and your family in an amazing exploration of God’s creation. This full-color, apologetic resource is filled with Scripture and fascinating facts about star trails, galaxies, nebulae and many other objects in our solar system.

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The Heavens

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title The Heavens: A Different View
ISBN 13 9781683442820
Contributors Danny Faulkner
Binding Hardback
Page Count 112
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 9 7/8 x 8

The Heavens: A Different View gives us a glimpse of God’s majesty revealed in His creation. This photo journey through the created cosmos is packed with breathtaking astrophotography, Scripture, and short essays on the uniqueness of our galaxy and beyond.

Author, astrophotographer and astrophysicist, Dr. Danny Faulkner, gives us eyes to see how astronomy speaks a powerful word about God as Creator. Every page of this beautiful, apologetic resource is filled with amazing facts about the heavens including:

  • The two constellations mentioned in the Bible in the Books of Amos, Job, and Isaiah
  • A black hole that is 70 million times more massive than the sun
  • Objects we can see with the naked eye that are millions of light years away!

The Heavens will fascinate those who love the science of the stars and provide a great defense for the wonder of our Creator. Families will enjoy the astrophotography and learn fascinating facts about star trails, galaxies, nebulae and many other objects in our solar system.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. Star Trails
  • 2. The Milky Way
  • 3. Galaxies
  • 4. Orion, the Pleiades, and Other Groups of Stars
  • 5. Nebulae
  • 6. The Sun
  • 7. The Moon
  • 8. Other Objects in the Solar System
  • 9. Where Space and Earth Connect
  • 10. Lunar Eclipses
  • 11. Solar Eclipses
  • Meet the Photographers
Beautiful Photos and Biblical focus
Review by Nicole
We have this book in both the ebook format and a physical copy. The photos are beautiful and I love the way that like all MB resources do, it points us to God in everything. My 11 y.o. has read this book several times just for the enjoyment of it since we got it a few months ago. Plus it will be a great resource for years to come.
Beautiful and informative
Review by Kimberly
This is a truly beautiful book and has excellent info it. It has been a great supplemental resource to go along with our astronomy curriculum. Also my older kids love to just read it!
Great Resource
Review by Michael
This is a great book to have. Loved the pictures and the commentary to go along with them. I shared this with someone who is into astronomy and they were excited about it. I think the book meets people where they are, whether they are a novice or someone who has studied The Heavens!
Beautifully Captivating Pictures
Review by Lexie
This book is absolutely full of beauty. Scripture is given alongside explanations about a variety of things in our solar system. It shows God as the magnificent creator through beautiful wording and pictures. It would make a great addition to an astronomy study or just a beautiful book to read through as a family.
Review by de
Beautiful book! A must have for the family coffee table! This content of this book is very informative and the graphics and text are well made and well written. Great book to create curiosity about astronomy. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the planets, or for a homeschool library.
Beautiful book
Review by Laurel
This book is completely gorgeous, and would be a blessing to anyone's home library. The text is advanced for my kids, who are 4th and 1st graders currently, but I am glad I have it so that when they are older, they can enjoy it fully. For now, we will enjoy the pictures and mama will summarize the text. :-)
Perfect Combination of Pictures and Information
Review by Amanda
This gorgeous book is the perfect combination of beautiful full-color photos and information. My son is all about the solar system, and this book meets his need for information and numbers while still attracting my daughters who just love to look at the pictures. There are many great talking points throughout the book. Not only that, but it gives a good Christian foundation for our solar system for the kids to dig deeper and learn more.
Amazing, Stunning
Review by Abbie
The stunning photography showcased in this book reminds me of so many of the other books published by this company - such as Galapogos Islands. This book is one that will capture the attention and heart of any ready - and would make an excellent coffee table book to serve as a conversation starter. If you are looking for ways to showcase the amazing handi-work of God this book is one that will surely provide vivid imagery of God as the master artist and creator. As well as breath taking photography the book is filled with bits of Scientific and Biblical explanations and Scripture regarding galaxies, constellations, and other things.
Review by Yulia
Stunning photos, loads of wonderful scientific information about the universe, stars, moon and etc., and the Bible verses to connect it all. It would be a great addition to an Astronomy class, or just a beautiful book to have to read on its own.
Stunning Pictures
Review by Dawn
My favorite part of this book is the stunning pictures. However, there are also great nuggets of information about the stars and how it all relates to scripture. This book would be a great way to get started learning about the stars or a great gift for someone that was already interested in astronomy.

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