The New Answers DVD 1 (MP4 Download)

The New Answers DVD 1 (MP4 Download)


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Now the most-asked questions from the highly popular New Answers Books are on video! Learn the quick answers to questions such as “Where did Cain get his wife?”

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Title The New Answers DVD 1 (MP4 Download)
Subtitle Quick answers to 10 of the most-asked questions from The New Answers Book 1
Series Answers
Contributors Ken Ham
Duration (in Minutes) 43
Publisher Answers in Genesis

What do you really believe—and why does it matter to your life, your family, and your faith?

We live in a culture with more questions than ever—questions that affect one’s acceptance of the Bible as authoritative and trustworthy. This video features easy-to-understand answers to some of the most-important apologetics quandaries of today. You’ll love these highly stylized mini-interviews, featuring authors from the best-selling books. This video contains twelve answers, each about 4-minutes in length.

This video answers the following questions:

  • Is There Really a God? (Ham)
  • Cain’s Wife—Who Was She? (Ham)
  • Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe Is Old? (Lisle)
  • Is Natural Selection the Same Thing as Evolution? (Purdom)
  • Doesn't Carbon-14 Dating Disprove the Bible? (Snelling)
  • Why Shouldn't Christians Accept Millions of Years? (Mortenson)
  • Did Dinosaurs Turn into Birds? (Menton)
  • Genesis: Today’s Answer to Racism (Kerby)
  • Was There Really a Noah’s Ark & Flood? (Ham)
  • What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? (Ham)
  • How Did Defense Attack Structures Come About? (Hodge)
  • How to Survive a Secular College (Lisle)

Concise and fast-paced, this cutting-edge video is especially great for teens and young adults. (Ten of the answers are based on topics in The New Answers Book 1, and two are totally new.)

Summary info
Review by Delene
The book has much more detailed information. The video is a good supplement and summary for my kids (10 & 13), however the chapters don’t align with video numbers as in there isn’t a video to go with every chapter. I like that the videos come with pdf questions so they have to focus to be able to answer. I’d say more high school level than elementary/middle school.
We are able to cover Bible and science in one with this, but again, based on the child’s age and background knowledge of the scientific information, they will either understand it or require a lot of extra teaching and supplementary information to ensure understanding.

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