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Over 700,000 in print! 160 Faith-Affirming Answers

Get the ultimate collection of compelling biblical answers from Ken Ham and the AiG experts.

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160 Faith-Affirming Answers to Some of the Most Questioned Topics About Faith, Science, and the Bible.

Topics Include:

  • What Did Noah’s Ark Look Like?
  • How Could Noah Fit the Animals in the Ark?
  • Is Man the Cause of Global Warming?
  • Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death?
  • What Is the Best Argument for the Existence of God?
  • Who Sinned First - Adam or Satan?
  • Did Adam and Noah Really Live Over 900 Years of Age?
  • Why 66 Books in the Bible?
  • How Old Is the Earth?
  • Cain’s Wife - Who Was She?
  • Doesn’t Carbon -14 Dating Disprove the Bible?
  • Could God Really Have Created Everything in Six Days?
  • What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
  • Why Don’t We Find Human & Dinosaur Fossils Together?
  • Are There Really Different Races?
  • Are ETs & UFOs Real?
  • Is Evolution the Bloodiest Religion Ever?
  • How Does the Intelligence of Ancient Man Frustrate Evolutionary Thought?
  • Has Anyone Ever Found Transitional Fossils in the Fossil Record?
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Title The Ultimate Answers Pack
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Contributors Ken Ham
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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