The Work of Your Hand


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You Are Special! There are special patterns on the skin of your hands and feet! These fingerprints and footprints are different for each one of us. Now discover more about what makes you uniquely you!

Which Pattern Do You Have? God created three basic patterns: arch, loop, and whorl. A variety of these are found on each boy and girl. Now take a look at each pattern separately. Can you identify fingerprint patterns correctly?

Fingerprint Fun! Includes 23 pages of activity sheets for lots of fingerprint fun! Use non-toxic fingerprint ink pads. Downloadable copies of the activity sheets are available online.

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Title The Work of Your Hand
Subtitle Fingerprints, God, and You!
ISBN 13 9781683441571
Contributors Jennifer Rivera
Binding Hardback
Page Count 48
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 x 8

There is one part of you that is completely and unmistakably unique – your fingerprints! Discover loops, arch, whorls, and whys of God’s remarkable designs! Nothing reveals the individual nature of ourselves more than our own fingerprints. For elementary age children.

  • Let your hands teach you more of what it is to be fearfully and wonderfully made
  • Be inspired by the beautiful pattern that God placed in your fingertips
  • Creatively reinforces each child’s connection to God with activities, science facts, and points of faith.
Review by Erica
This is such a beautiful book celebrating our uniqueness as His creation. My 7 year old is fascinated by fingerprints, so this was a perfect fit for his curiosity. Both my 7 and 10 year olds had so much fun with the finger print art section!
Beautiful book
Review by Rose
We really enjoyed this book... the information on fingerprints, the illustrations, and the many simple art projects. Each boy made a booklet with their own fingerprints and art they created with fingerprints. It is a book we will come back to many times.
Review by Heather
Fun way to learn more about fingerprints! My son isn't very interested in art but he enjoys learning more about his own fingerprints and how God created each person's different.
I bought 3 of these for the kids’ Easter baskets!
Review by Lauren
These are awesome gift ideas! I was able to buy 3 of these for my kids’ Easter baskets, and bought some stamps on Amazon. My kids loved them! I like that this book dives into the science of the fingerprint as well! My oldest son explained to my younger ones what kind of fingerprints they had. The pictures and finished creations are adorable. This was a hit in our home!
Wonderful book!
Review by Christiana
The illustrations in this book are superb, the story line rhymes, and kids get to learn about fingerprint patterns! I love the message from Psalm 139, that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made!
Fun activities and great learning experiences
Review by Rachel
These activities are so precious. Something to build memories and keep for years to come. I will be buying for my godson for christmas.
Can't wait to do this!
Review by Boymom2016
We haven't started this book yet, but I have read through it and I CAN'T WAIT!!! It looks so fun and I know my son will love it! I have always told him God made him special just for me, and even though he is like Momma and Daddy in so many ways, he is unique in so many of his own ways too. This book goes right along with that message to him!
Great book!
Review by Michelle
This book is such a creative idea! It teaches about God’s design within our handprints and fingerprints and allows for kids to make art in the back of the book. Engaging, colorful picture book and I love the free printable activity section to reuse again and again!
Review by Dustie
This is an adorable book. It could be used as a supplement for so many subjects: anatomy and physiology, forensic science, Bible study...the possibilities for this book are vast. It is something all of my kids can enjoy. What a special way to help kids understand how unique we each are!
Cute and meaninful
Review by Jennifer
Such a cute book. I bought it originally for my 10 year old, but have decided to give it to my 8 year old niece instead. The book offers such a fun, engaging lesson.
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