The World's Story 2 (Timeline Pack)


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For Ages 11-13

Using the World’s Story 2 Timeline Pack will help your world history homeschool curriculum come to life. Create this full-color timeline using the high-quality images and the timeline strip included. Cutting out the photos, arranging them in order and affixing them on the wall or in a binder make the learning process fun and assists the student in retaining the information.

This visual learning tool is an excellent addition to The World’s Story 2 which is part of Master Books’ junior high history curriculum series.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title The World's Story 2 (Timeline Pack)
Series The World's Story
UPC Code 713438102504
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Binding Loose-leaf
Page Count 22
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Homeschool teachers love adding this visual timeline of Fall of Rome through the Renaissance into The World’s Story 2 lessons. The full-color photos are high quality and provide a wonderful pictorial reference for your world history course for junior high students.

This timeline pack is a great time saver for you and makes putting together a timeline very easy! Students enjoy cutting out the photos, arranging them in order, and affixing them on the wall or in a binder. This hands-on activity will help your student retain the information they are learning.

Many of the Moms of Master Books recommend laminating the photos. If you don’t have wall space, we recommend a timeline binder.

Large Timeline Pieces
Review by Kathleen C
Included are 76 large timeline pieces. Measure 5” by 4”. They include a mix of color or black and white pictures. There are 1-5 timeline pieces for each chapter of the book. Also included are timeline strips dating from years 0-1580. These are made to match the Worlds Story 2 books from Master Books.
Great for visual & kinesthetic learners
Review by Laura
As someone who struggles to learn through reading & audio, I really appreciate these cards for my kids! This is something that would have certainly helped me learn history! In fact, I’m finally learning history as we go along. The pictures are beautiful & the topics are well thought out.
Awesome Resource
Review by Becky V.
I have used the timeline packs when we went through America’s Story, and love that they are also available for The World’s Story. This pack includes a specific person or event in the chapter, usually more than one per chapter, that you are studying to add to your timeline as you go through The Middle Ages.

These timeline packs have been one of our favorite tools to use as we have studied history. I have The Wonders of Old timeline book for each child, instead of using the date strips included in this timeline pack, and the images work beautifully to cut and paste in their books. It has been so good for my visual learners to be able see how events in history connect and to focus on the key people and events without becoming overwhelmed by all the information.
Review by Yulia
This is an awesome addition to The Word's Story 2! Colorful and easy to use. The main textbook explains how to use this. I'd use a roll of paper from Ikea to glue them on, for example. This pack works great with the whole set of World's Story 2.

I really love how colorful they are, and that the author chose special pictures from each chapter to remind students the main points learned in these chapters. Masterbooks also has a wonderful video explaining how to use this pack in more detail.

I am personally grateful for this since it saves me time to look for pictures online to aid my student with a timeline piece of the curriculum.
Love this added
Review by Ashley
This is something you can get to add some more areas to your timeline if you are doing one with your history course. It is divided into chapters and pictures are in color with captions at the bottom, so you know what period it is and where to put it in the timeline. This is a great and neat addition to the World Story 2 Curriculum.
Wonderful Visual!
Review by Krista
I love this coloured timeline resource pack! It is a great addition to our homeschool, and helps make learning history fun! This Pack is a great tool and can be used in so many different ways, flashcards, in a book, on a wall display, etc.
this resource is informative, descriptive, and well detailed!
Perfect Companion!
Review by SarahT
Having a visual of the events within World's Story 2 allows students to understand the context of the events in time. Showcasing how the events in history unfold, cements learning. Highly recommend!
One of our favorite activities with the history courses!
Review by Dustie
The timeline packs have been among our favorite activities going through the America’s Story and World’s Story courses. These provide a great visual and help students see the bigger picture. The dates, descriptions, and illustrations or photos are fun for reviewing the material covered. Our timelines have become fun keepsakes. We’ve used the trifold poster board for each level, as they tuck away nicely. However, one could use them on a wall timeline or in a book, also.
No instructions
Review by Terry
These are pages with 4 images and a few lines of info for each image on each page. The last 2 pages have a bunch of years in strips. Apparently you're supposed to cut the strips of numbers out to make a timeline and cut the images out to tape(?) them under the year. But there are no instructions at all, the timeline years are too close together to fit the pictures in an organized manner, and it's just printed on regular paper. I originally thought it was even worse since the pictures weren't in chronological order, but I just realized they're by chapter. This could, and really should, have just been a downloadable file to print at home. It's something, but nothing great.
Awesome resource
Review by Jane
I am loving these colored timeline resources. This has helped my daughter add more context to her lessons and piece the time periods she has been learning about. I am glad these are available for the corresponding curriculums.

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