Unveiling the Kings of Israel


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Archaeological discoveries continue to prove the Bible is an amazing historical record. Correctly interpreted, the historical records of Egypt and Israel show a remarkable consistency with the Bible records, which we can accept as not only inspiring but also entirely reliable.

Unearth the history of Israel and see the devastating periods of loss and exile through the lens of archaeology. David Down, a field archaeologist who excavates regularly in Israel, shares his research to help you explore the accuracy of Christian history from the Global Flood through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. With 20 fascinating chapters, you can study the real evidence related to the remarkable people and pivotal events you have read about in the Bible. For further study, investigate the four appendices, which include:

  • Tabernacle Life
  • Solomon's Temple
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Patriarchs, Chronological Table, and Tables of Weights and Measures

Unveiling the Kings of Israel is a captivating read for anyone interested in ancient civilizations, Christian history, Israel, Egypt and the Bible. With beautiful illustrations and the author’s personable writing style, this text will delight students, history buffs and scholars ages 10 to 100.

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Unveiling the Kings of Israel

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Title Unveiling the Kings of Israel
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“Correctly interpreted, the historical records of Egypt and Israel show a remarkable consistency with the Bible records which we can accept as not only inspiring but entirely reliable.”
-From the Introduction

Unearth the history of the small nation of Israel – the troubled and devastating periods of loss and exile – once lost to time. Far from being a book of myths, the Bible is an amazing historical record, and each year, more archaeological discoveries continue to prove its validity and significance. Follow the intriguing clues found buried in ancient cities, on the walls of early monuments, and in the written records of our world’s oldest civilizations. Walk the ancient streets, explore the distant temples, and unearth the compelling history that continues to resonate with the world today.

  • Cultural references proven through artifacts and archives displayed in full color
  • Fascinating accounts that fill in some of history’s unwritten record
  • Follow the Biblical timeline through detailed photos and examples

This eye opening and provocative assemblage of literary history and effervescent illustrations, creates a book that you just can’t put down. For years to come, this book will be an enduring resource for children, scholars, students, or anyone interested in learning more about biblical archaeology and its place in history.

Unveiling the Kings of Israel was simple a joy to read and review.
@AncientDigger - student of Archaeology and curator of AncientDigger.com

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Great resource
Review by Angela
This book is a great resource! My daughter has really loved this book.
History of Israels Kings
Review by LD
This is one of the best books I’ve ever seen that gives a clear picture if the Kings of Israel and Judah. Walking the reader through the history of Israel from Abraham through the time of Esther and beyond, helps them to really know their Bible history. Lots of archaeological evidence and photos helps make this an engaging read.
Amazing book
Review by Sarah
I just love the full-color pictures and interesting information. I bought this to go along with World's Story 1 to give some further research options.
Summer Reading!
Review by Kelley
This is the third book in the Biblical Archaeology course, which my sixteen-year-old son did last year. But as we approached the end of our school year, I saw that there was no way he was going to finish before our end date, so I told him to just finish the book on his own over the summer. He happily agreed! He would have finished the book even if I hadn't assigned it to him. He loves all the books in the course and plans to keep them all to read again.
Review by Stephanie
My teens won't have time to complete the Biblical Archeology set before they graduate, but I purchased this book anyway. They look at it during their free time, and absolutely love it. I have read it myself, and my husband will be reading it soon. Very interesting read, and full of information.
Awesome History Book
Review by Belle
We purchased this book to use as part of our main history curriculum. So much history in the small nation of Israel! It is a beautiful book, with gorgeous illustrations on every page. Very well written book by an archaeologist. Highly recommend it!
Opened a new world
Review by Carissa
This book helped show biblical truths contrasting what the worlds view of history is. Great resource to learn about Egypt.
Review by Stacy
I love the pictures and information in this book. It's wonderful as a reference book or for a history study! Highly recommend!
great reference
Review by Jennifer
Great book to have in our home library. Great info to support the biblical timeline.
Great book
Review by Rozanna
I really enjoy this book and just looking through it as reference. Good book for our library.

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