Where Faith Grows: Level 2 (Download)

Where Faith Grows: Level 2 (Download)


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For ages 7-10

Where Faith Grows Level 2, a unique homeschool Bible curriculum by Master Books, provides you the opportunity to teach the attributes of God and godly character traits to your elementary students. You will guide your student's faith journey through reading aloud, discussion prompts, hands-on activities, memorization, and assignments.

Where Faith Grows becomes a tool in your hand as you lead your child into all God has for them. Level 2 works to continue building on what was covered in Level 1. The purpose of both levels is to create a strong foundation in understanding who God is and how He works in our lives. Within Level 2, you will also see an introduction to basic Bible skills and keeping a prayer journal.

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SKU K304-9
Title Where Faith Grows: Level 2 (Download)
Series Where Faith Grows
Volume in Series 2
Contributors Jessica McCullar
Page Count 402
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The nature of God is complex. Where Faith Grows Level 2, a Bible curriculum for elementary students, is designed to help you reveal who God is in a way that a child can understand. While learning about specific characteristics of God, your student will also be learning godly character traits.

Your relationship with God and your child will flourish as you take this journey of discipleship together.

Course objectives

Students working through this course will:

  • Learn character traits and how to utilize them in his or her life
  • Understand various attributes of God's character
  • Develop a basic understanding of the biblical timeline, including the difference between the Old and New Testaments
  • Discuss biblical truths through focused conversations
  • Examine different types of prayer and work to create their own prayer journal
  • Demonstrate additional skills in using his or her Bible

As you work through the course, you will begin to put together a keepsake documenting the beautiful journey of faith your student is on. This element of the course will follow through all the levels of Where Faith Grows so you can see the growing faith of your student from Level 1 through Level 6. You can pull these pages out to create a faith journey binder for your student and add extra pages in as needed.

Course Features:

  • Instructional dialogue, biblical summaries, Scripture memorization, oral narration, real-life application, and hands-on experience to bring concepts to life
  • Full color workbook with engaging activities
  • Easy to follow schedule – saving you time!
  • Supply Lists
  • Convenient perforated pages
  • Recommended for: 2nd grade / 7-10 years old
  • Designed for parent & child to work through together

Additional Resources

Essential for the Student: Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Gospel, The Mission

Optional for the Teacher: The 10 Minute Bible Journey

Great resource for discipleship
Review by Laura
This is an amazing curriculum to help lay the foundations of Christianity for young kids. I appreciate how many different ways it encourages learning. Not only does this book teach scripture, it goes over character traits and attributes of God. It also teaches how to pray. All of these things are incredibly important to teach our children so they can understand who He is and what our faith is really about.
We are all Disciples
Review by Lacee
Where Faith Grows Level 2 is a great addition to the series! It takes you and your child (it is meant to be done together with your child(ren) as you disciple them) on a faith filled journey as you will work through different Character Traits (Humble, Generous, Faithful, Loving, Good, Peaceful, Kind and Joyful) and your child will have memorized 16 verses when you are done with the book! You will need two additional books: Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Gospel and The Mission. - You can buy the whole set including these books or just the WFG 2 book if you already have them or need an extra. As the parent you can also go through the 10 Minute Bible Journey alongside this curriculum with your child with the corresponding schedule thus deepening your faith as you help your child deepen their faith. Your child will enjoy the fun activities including the hymns - there is a supply list in the back of the book with the lessons that you'll need them. I also love the journal that you will create to follow your child's faith journey.
We enjoyed this!
Review by Lexie
This book goes through spiritual truths and makes them fun. The book is centered around a family with the mom and the dad leading you through learning character traits and attributes of God. Each section has a fun activity to relate what is going on and make it hands on (like a scavenger hunt to an experiment). The student also spends time creating a prayer journal.
Review by Dustie
My family loves the first book in this series, as well as the Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers. So, we have been very excited about the release of this book. It brings an element of fun, allowing children to learn in a way that they can understand and retain. The different methods for scripture memorization have encouraged my children (and me) to hide God’s Word in our hearts! My children especially like when they are encouraged to move around or shout their verse.
What more could we want for our children than to understand more of who God is and who we are called to be in Him? This book helps break down these truths in a way children can understand. However, I can’t tell you how many of the WFG lessons my family has done when my heart has been touched. The message of salvation is woven throughout.
The inclusion of hymns is also wonderful. Adding an element of worship in song has been what my family has needed on more than one day. I’ve truly enjoyed having hymns that coordinate with what we’re learning. Over the course of several years of homeschooling, I’ve learned that my children retain more if we put information in a song. Many biblical truths have been reinforced in our hearts by singing hymns.
Other hands-on activities are included throughout, but none of them require a ton of prep or hard to find supplies. All of them have the purpose of helping the children retain what they're learning. The journal is also such a special activity. This is such a beautiful way to see the spiritual growth of your child. I believe it will be a special treasure for them as they grow.
While this book has a schedule for 3 days a week, I often find my daughter requesting to do it more often. I’m thankful for this resource that is a helpful and fun way to disciple my children. I highly recommend this series to any homeschooling family seeking to grow together in Christ.

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