Why Great Men Fall


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The news is filled with devastating reports, almost on a weekly basis, of famous men who fall from grace - either morally, ethically, or criminally. Goodall, a pastor and mentor, is fascinated by this modern phenomena, and offers wise counsel for others to avoid the pain of public humiliation and judgment. By focusing on well-known examples, Goodall, through his compelling writing style, points to easily identifiable signposts that trapped "great" men. The profiles in Why Great Men Fall give pause to others in similar environments: corporate execs, ministry heads, even fathers and husbands struggling to maintain their families. Goodall explains why biblical morality is the key to avoiding ethical failure. His thousands of hours of counseling also provide unique insights into the character flaws that contribute to falls from grace.

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Title Why Great Men Fall
Subtitle 15 Winning Strategies to Rise Above it All
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Contributors Wayde Goodall
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Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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Your head sits heavily in your hands as the last employee turns out the last light and goes home for the night, leaving you alone in the dark with your failure and desperation. This scene is played-out daily in offices all over America, as leaders in corporations, churches, and organizations free-fall from moral or ethical failure.

Wayde Goodall has observed this quagmire for decades, counseling those who have thrown away their families and their futures for a moment of pleasure or profit. Profiling well-known leaders who've had a fall from grace, Goodall notes the common traits, warning signs, and most importantly, a plan for avoiding such deadly traps of the soul.

For everyone who has found himself in this terrible dilemma, and to those who can still avoid it, this book is like a beacon. There is a fail-safe guide for remaining on the right path, and Why Great Men Fall illustrates that safe route in a riveting way.

  • One after the other, great men are falling like dominoes as they defy the profound wisdom of Scripture, make themselves into their own god and satisfy their most base desires. If you are already experiencing substantial fame, power or wealth or, more importantly, if you are approaching that possibility in your life, this well be one of the most important books you will ever read.
    -Barry Meguiar,
    President/CEO of Meguiar's, Inc, and host of FOX's Speed Channel program, Car Crazy Television


  • Wayde Goodall has shared a brief but masterful guide to leadership in WHY GREAT MEN FALL. Having known Wayde as an exceptional leader for over 20 years, it is obvious that this is the life story and lessons learned by a great, humble leader whose "life lessons" blended with the truth of God's Word, give us a page turner that addresses the personal issues of today.
    -Dr. Tom Phillips,
    Director of the Billy Graham Cove & Director of Crusades for Billy Graham Crusades


  • Anyone can read the headlines. It takes a finer mind to go behind the faces of scandalized celebrities and their lurid exploits. Dr. Goodall combines discernment, insight, and an engaging contemporaneity to turn the tale of the fallen into wisdom for those willing to learn.
    -Mark Rutland,
    President, Southeastern University


Husband approves
Review by Leslie
I bought this for my husband on a flash sale just to hit free shipping. My husband rolled his eyes when I gave it to him lol. BUT he has read it 4 times since then and has talked nonstop about how good it is. He loves how it gives examples of famous successful people in these situations and covers so many topics. We need strong successful men/fathers leading families, running businesses, in every arena to impact this world. My husband said every man needs to not just read but study this book!
Review by Shell
This book covered much more than what I originally was thinking it would. It is NOT JUST touching on spiritual adultery (pornography), emotional adultery, & physical adultery but also includes the devastating effects of ANY kind of addiction. Extremely thorough, helpful, and alarming at the high rate of Christians being devoured in this way. Highly recommend but would use some caution when allowing teens to read alone. With teens, I feel that there would need to be parent involvement and great discussions could take place and bond you closer.

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