Writing Strands: Intermediate 2


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For Grade Level 6-9

Writing Strands Intermediate 2 will help your junior high/high school student study writing string arguments, dialogue, papers, and letter, as well as literary elements like theme, genre, point of view, and tone. This language arts curriculum is ideal for a 6-9 grade level.

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Title Writing Strands: Intermediate 2
Series Writing Strands
ISBN 13 9781683440611
Contributors Dave Marks
Binding Paperback
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Explore Language Arts Through Creative Writing!

Writing Strands Intermediate 2 teaches the art of writing effectively—and creatively! In this comprehensive course, students will discover how narrative voice and attitude influence the reader, the elements of an effective written argument, explore character voice and dialogue, and so much more!

Through interactive, guided exercises students will:

  • Learn how to write concise, insightful business letters
  • Identify and create narrative voice and attitudes
  • Recognize points of an effective argument
  • Discover how to properly punctuate dialogue
  • Craft character speech patterns
  • Organize descriptions
  • Write persuasive arguments
  • and more!

A Comprehensive Approach

Writing Strands Intermediate 2 takes a comprehensive approach to language arts, teaching students how to construct effective paragraphs, write persuasively and explore narrative voice while also developing the student's reading, writing, and speaking skills. Students will learn how to read and evaluate literature, practice spelling, analyze worldview, and write a story!

Fully Updated for a New Generation!

With over a 30 year history, Writing Strands has proven itself to be a solid, powerful tool for teaching students to write and communicate clearly. Intermediate 2 includes a convenient daily schedule and has now been fully updated, clarified, and simplified for ease of use.

Writing Strands Intermediate 2 is a hybrid course that combines Reading Strands and Writing Strands Level 5 into one course. Worksheets are now provided to add structure to reading assignments chosen by the teacher.

Students will rotate writing and reading assignments each week—thus also learning to write through literature because good readers make good writers! Additionally, the Bible is now used as the literature base for teaching how narrative voice and attitude can be used to form captivating pieces of literature.

Writing Strands Intermediate 2 Features:

  • Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Student Worksheets
  • New literature component
  • 3-hole punched, perforated pages

Course Features:

  • 30-45 minutes per lesson, 5x per week
  • Recommended Grade Level: 6 - 9
  • Equivalent to Writing Strands Level 5
  • 1 English credit
Very redundant
Review by Dena
Just really didn't like this book/ course at all but to be fair this is our first year using MB. We have switched to something else. Just very redundant and felt like we needed something with more variety.
Easy to follow
Review by Lisa
My 7th grader started this mid year and we are really enjoying it so far. It's short easy to follow lessons are great for my daughter that struggles with school. We are skipping the reading weeks this time, so we can get it done in 1 semester. My only complaint is I wish they made book recommendations for the reading weeks. They expect you to pick a new short book every week, to be completed that week. All the good books are going to take her a lot longer then a week to finish. I would love some recommendations for short books to go along with this curriculum.
Like the combination of reading and writing
Review by Jennifer
We have been using another curriculum for writing that we liked. My son doesn't do well with open-ended writing prompts. We continue to use that but got this as something to do in addition. I like how it discusses different literary devices, voice, etc. Those elements were lacking in our other program so together they make a nice balance.

The writing activities in this curriculum are not the sort optimal for my son, so we just adjust as needed.
Gaining writing skills
Review by Ana
My son is growing consistently in his writing skills with this course.
Review by Miss Jackson
This book remains consistent with the series. We like it, just wish it had a teachers guide.
Review by Amanda
My daughter will use it along side her LLFLE6 to help her build her writing skills.
Not disappointed
Review by Darla
It’s a great book. We actually had the wrong level for my daughter so it didn’t work out so well in that situation. I felt the content though was very good and gave lots of opportunity to build up their skills.
It was a fair curriculum choice
Review by Adaia
We enjoyed the Bible scripture discussions a lot. We grew a lot in this area. The rest of the writing portion was ok. It wasn’t something extraordinary, but I still feel like my child learned what she needed to. However, the reading portion was just more writing other than a book for the week. Maybe if it included articles or short stories instead of more essays it would have been more satisfying.

I would have liked to see a list of optional books to read and a deeper look at the book with more specific questions. Us choosing the book wasn’t too bad, but it was hard to find a challenging book to read in a week.

What we tried to do to adjust this was I would assigned a book at the beginning of the writing week( reading and writing alternated) so she would have 2 weeks to read it. The questions at the end of the reading week were very generic and didn’t really challenge the readers comprehension and knowledge.

Overall we are neutral on this curriculum. I am not excited about it and I am not completely dissatisfied.

Yes it didn’t have a teachers key ( which I wasn’t a fan of), but we did the best we could.
Very enjoyable!
Review by COURTNEY
This book very has improved my sons writing ability. It makes him think outside the box and be more creative.
Review by Sarah
My daughter used this for her language arts in 8th grade. She enjoyed the short, easy to follow lessons. She was able to work mostly independent.
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