Writing Strands: Teaching Companion


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Provides helpful guidance for anyone using the Writing Strands curriculum!

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Title Writing Strands: Teaching Companion
Series Writing Strands
ISBN 13 9781683440932
Contributors Dave Marks
Binding Paperback
Page Count 70
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Unlike a traditional guide that focuses specifically on one book or level, this teaching companion is supplemental for any level of the program. Teachers will find this an invaluable resource, not only for using the Writing Strands curriculum but also for teaching any course that includes writing and literature as a component. The Teaching Companion provides a helpful overview of the Writing Strands system, as well as additional information on a range of writing, grammar, and literature issues that a teacher may face.

  • Includes general guidelines on how to approach drafting papers with students and how to give effective writing feedback
  • Provides discussion of the most common difficulties that students encounter, as well as tips on how to help students overcome these challenges
  • Discusses how to encourage a lifelong love of reading in students, including suggestions on how to ask good questions when discussing books
  • Offers suggested goals and objectives for teaching literature, broken down by age
  • Explains the various elements of fiction and differences in literary genres, and includes appendices with information on basic citation, advice on teaching vocabulary, commonly confused words, and glossaries of grammar and literary terms.

Special attention is also given to the needs of developing readers, with additional supplemental information on teaching techniques for young readers and tips for helping them understand the meaning of what they read and develop critical thinking skills. We highly recommend that teachers read the Teaching Companion before their students start the course and that they continue to consult it as needed as students learn additional concepts.

We highly recommend that teachers read the Teaching Companion before their students start the course and that they continue to consult it as needed as students learn additional concepts.

Good resource!
Review by Eileen
This book will be a great resource as my son works through his different levels of writing strands. He did B2 this year and I didn’t really resource it much, but will definitely be handy for the upcoming levels.
Good resource!
Review by Kristy
a good resource for teaching writing. I use it frequently.
Great addition to my teaching tools
Review by Tabitha
This is a great addition to have on your shelf for teaching wriiting!
Review by Lara
This teacher companion is very nice to have on hand and it's a very inexpensive tool for us teachers
Need more
Review by Jenna
I didn't find this Teaching Companion very helpful for the Writing Strands: Beginning 1. I need to do more research to learn how it can serve me better. But after reading some reviews, it sounds like it is better partnered with the more advanced levels.
Review by SD
This book has helped me teach the areas of writing that I had forgotten since I was in school. It is affordable and a great tool for any parent to have.
More helpful than I initially gave it credit for
Review by Shauna
I'll admit that when I first purchased this, I skimmed it but put it aside. I recently went through it again and realized it is much more helpful than I realized. I have started to implement some of the suggestions in this book and my kids have grasped on quickly.
A great resource - even if you don't use Writing Strands
Review by Elisabeth
We do not use Writing Strands yet, but I purchased this guide to help me guide my younger children when we do notebooking. It has lots of wonderful ideas in developing writing skills, with a focus on encouragement and keeping the love of learning alive.
Review by Annice
This curriculum was different in its approach and this helped tremendously. So glad we got it.
Great resources for teacher/parent
Review by Candis
I didn't think I would need this I was advanced in writing - it's literally what I do for a living now, however this truly helped give me expectation on how to lovingly encourage a love of writing in my children - here's a tip - editing doesn't have to feel so "RED PEN" if you know what I mean. I highly recommend adding this to your collection.
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